Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Those of you who have had acrylic nails will know how damaging they can be for your nails. The nail on my thumb now splits in the middle and no matter how much I cut them down and try to re-grow them, they'll continue to grow with a split down the middle.

I love having my nails done - I love how long nails makes my hands look (is that weird to say?) but I don't want to keep damaging my nails with acrylics. So as it's the season where everyone gets dressed up for Christmas parties, I wanted my nails to look extra boujie.

I brought these Fantasy Queen Of Stars dusty pink holographic nails from Superdrug and wore them on Saturday night. They looked really good, everyone asked me where I'd got my nails done and was surprised when I said I did them myself and that they were stick on nails from Superdrug. I do confess, I didn't use the glue that came with them. I brought a brush on nail glue as I thought it would be less messy.

I was able to eat, drink, dance and go to the toilet successfully without any popping off - I was pretty impressed with that. They did however start to pop off the next day once I had a shower, I don't know whether this is down to the water warming the glue (?). They were very flimsy though, at one point on Sunday I had manged to bend one of them and thought I was going to snap it.

For £3.99 (they're on offer at the moment, usual price is £4.99) I'm not complaining. They were really pretty and lasted for the night that I wanted/needing them to. Looking at the other Fantasy Queen Of Stars nails they're all rather "trendy" - very unicorn-esque.

Overall I'm pretty impressed. If you're wanting some to last for longer than a day then I probably wouldn't recommend these, not because of the glue - as I said I didn't use the glue that came with these - but because they were really flimsy and easily bent.


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