Sunday, 15 October 2017


This month’s Glossybox was a beautiful one and the theme is Unicorn vs Mermaid (you can the same items in each box – it’s just the box that deffers). I had the Mermaid box and the box itself is really cute!

I actually cancelled my subscription last month, well I thought I had cancelled it. After ending up having to email them it turns out the cancellation never went through, despite them telling me they can’t find an account with either of my email addresses. It was really annoying and I found the whole process very frustrating! I cancelled my subscription because I didn’t think the box was worth it anymore. They’ll bring out a really good box (like the one this month) maybe once every 3 or 4 months. The months in between are a little rubbish and I even end up with duplicate products because they send me the same product to try more than once. At the moment, it’s just not worth it.

I have a few Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes and they’re really good value for money. One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes is the Iconic 3 palette. I was pretty excited when I saw the Makeup Revolution Mermaid Vs Unicorns palette in the box, it’s not one I would usually go for but some of the colours are really beautiful. The two light blues (second and third from the left) swatched identical to each other (why have them both in there?) and the blues are all very similar. Similar but beautiful. The darker tones didn’t swatch as well as the lighter colours, they’re chalky and you’ll definitely get some fallout from the blue shade third in from the right. I haven’t tried to use any of these eyeshadows on my eyes yet however.

Also in the box was a Sleek Makeup Crème to Powder Blusher in the shade French Rose, Kawaii Enterprise Blush Cleaning Egg (I’ve received a smaller version of this in another box before), Lord & Berry Magic Brow Perfect Eye Brow Pencil and a Bang Beauty Cream Colour in Dolce Pink which you can use on your lips, eyes and cheeks.


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