Thursday, 20 July 2017


On Sunday evening I brought a Fitbit Alta from Amazon. I used an amazon prime account, it should have came on Monday but instead it came yesterday, Wednesday (a little annoying). When I came home from work last night I instantly ripped open the packaging and started 'playing' with it.

It's now the next morning and I thought I would share my initial first impressions of the Fitbit Alta. The only activity it's had chance to record so far is my sleep and a walk to the toilet and the kitchen this morning. So not much at all.

When I opened the box the first thing I thought was it's actually a lot chunkier than I thought it would be. I have tiny wrists and it didn't look chunky or big on the women they have it advertised on on their website. However, looking at it on my wrist now I don't think it looks that big.

It's a BITCH to first get on! I had to get my Mom to help me get this thing on! How ridiculous! The strap has two little forks which you pop inside holes to make it fit your wrist. Those holes were not big enough for those forks - It honestly hurt getting it on! I was pinching my skin, I had my Mom's nails digging in me when she was helping, it wasn't easy. I recommend finding the holes which you're going to put the forks into popping the forks in the holes first to 'widen' them up a bit before putting it on.

You have to download the Fitbit app in order to get started. You then have to charge the Fitbit Alta in your laptop/computer in order for it to turn on. This is fine, wasn't a pain to do at all. The Fitbit app has the instructions on how to set the Fitbit up and how to sync it with your phone. Those instructions were so easy to follow! It was REALLY easy to set the Fitbit up!

It's really easy to set up. The App is GREAT!! It's really easy to follow and it's personalised depending on what you want the Fitbit to track and why you brought it. For example, I brought mine to monitor my activity, help me maintain my health and also to motivate me to exercise a little more. These options were available to select when setting up the app so it tailors the dashboard with the things you want to track.

Once you've got the Fitbit Alta on, it's really comfortable to wear. I don't really feel it.

Charges up in less than an hour! Need I say more?

Back to the app, it has so much information on which is great. It's really imfortmative and have lots of links to more information on their website. I mentioned above it's only had chance to track my sleep last night so far, when I work up this morning I went on the app and looked at what it had tracked from my sleep. By selecting learn more (as seen in the image below) it gave me more information on what different sleep states mean, how it's calculated, changing my goals, the difference between the things the Fitbit can track etc. I haven't collated enough data yet but apparently it gives you suggestions on what to do to get a better nights sleep if you're not sleeping well.

It comes with a little 'blob thing'. I'm calling it this for now because I have no idea what it's called and also no idea what it's for. Any ideas?

I'm really frustrated that I can't sync my logs from My Fitness Pal or Mapmyride onto the Fitbit app. Fitbit has compatible apps and My Fitness Pal is one of those, you can sync the Fitbit app with My Fitness Pal (which will ultimately give you more calories depending on the exercise you've done that day) but you can't sync your food logs into the Fitbit app. I think this is because the Fitbit app has it's own function to log your calorie intake each day but so far, I don't like it. I tried to log my coffee this morning and it just couldn't trace my instant Kenco Balanced & Fruity coffee.

The screen. I really like the display. I like the clock face, I like the fact you just tap and it shows you your steps, calories burnt, miles walked etc but... It's the 'touch' effect is a little temperamental. Sometimes a slight tap just doesn't cut it and I've found that continuing to slightly tap it to get it to come on still doesn't work so you have to do a heavy tap in order for it to come on. This is slightly annoying I must say and really disappointing. BUT, the face does appear automatically when you lift your arm up and tilt it towards your face - as if you were checking your watch - which is good. I like that. The tapping, well I'll just have to get used to that.

Whilst we're talking about the clock face, I really like that you can change the way the clock is displayed. There are a number of options to choose from so you can choose whichever you prefer. You can also see the clock and the display in the dark!

I'm currently a little confused by the calories burned. Currently, I've done 147 steps but burned 424 calories? I need to read a little more into this I think.

So far, I am impressed. I know there is a tonne more I can do with this little device and the app and I'm yet to use it to it's full potential. As I said, so far I've only slept and walked to the kitchen and bathroom. I'm looking forward to seeing what this little thing can do!

I'd be interested to know if you've got a Fitbit and whether you're impressed by it or not? I'd also like some tips on what this thing can do if you have any?

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