Saturday, 4 June 2016


Last week Tom and I went to Barcelona with our best friends for 3 nights. We stayed in this beautiful apartment which was a short walk away from pretty much everything and had a brilliant time. The apartment was lovely, really clean and had everything we'd need. I didn't get photos of the apartment but the following two photos are of the view from the balcony in the living/dining room.

The first day we arrived we spent the afternoon walking around the area where our apartment was, grabbed some lunch and then went to the supermarket for essentials (alcohol). It was Tom's birthday the day before so we spent the evening playing drinking games, eating and celebrating his birthday.

The second day we went to on a tour around the Sagrada Familia which was really breathtakingly beautiful.

For Tom's birthday I'd brought him a ticket for a tour around the Nou Camp. So on Friday the boys went for the tour and us girls did what we do best, shopping and got drunk. Well, I got drunk at least. I brought quiet a fair bit of make up from Kiko which I'd left in a burger shop because I was so drunk. Luckily someone handed it in and I was able to get my shopping back. Lesson learned!

We also had a look around Mercat de Sant Josep/ La Boqueria which is a market just off La Rambla. It was full of fresh meat and bright vibrant fruit. 

I really enjoyed our short little break away to Barcelona. I would really recommend going, there is something to look at EVERYWHERE you turn.

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