Thursday, 14 January 2016


The other day Tom and I were talking about all the things we managed to do and see in 2015. Next month we will be celebrating one year of being together (n'aawww) and I feel like we've achieved so much in one year. We wanted to back to York for our anniversary but with the recent floods we're thinking of putting that on hold for the time being and head to Liverpool for the weekend instead.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, 2015 was such a great year for me and it's one that I'll look back on with great memories. We've already started planning some of the places we want to visit in 2016 and I thought I'd look back on some of the places we'd visited in 2015.

We spent 2 nights in York last year for Tom's birthday and we both fell in love with the beautiful city. 2 nights just wasn't long enough! On our way back we said that we'd have to return again soon and for a while now we've been saying we'll go for our anniversary. It was the first weekend away that we'd had together just the two of us (we'd been to Dublin in January with a large group of our friends - sadly I have no photos of that) so it holds quite a special place in our hearts.

Harry Potter Studios
Next up is the Harry Potter Studios (I wrote a blog post here). We went with my Mom and it was such a great day out. As we're all huge fans of the films we were geeking out the whole time!
We were lucky enough to stay in Cambridge for 2 nights courtesy of Travelodge. Although there were some beautiful sights, it was a little crowded as it was really sunny and I don't think we saw everything this city has to offer.

One weekend in the summer, Tom absolutley amazed me by saying that he'd not been to Stratford or at least had not been the centre. I was shocked. Growing up my Dad would take us to Stratford every year in the summer, so it's somewhere I'm so familiar with. I absolutely love it there, I love the park, crazy golf, the butterfly farm, the activities, the pubs... the list goes on. So obvisouly, as soon as he said this we just had to go. We went for drinks by the canal, went for a boat ride and drank cider.

Egypt was obviously our biggest adventure of 2015. The hotel we stayed in was beautiful and it was such a perfect "first holiday". I look back on this holiday with such fond memories, it was perfect.

Finally, we went camping with my family for a long weekend in Ludlow. I went camping every year when I was younger, it's one of my favourite things to do for a holiday. It's so fun, I love it so much! This was definitely one my highlights of 2015. My parents had the chance to get to know Tom a little better (it was so cute!), my Brother and Tom spent hours fishing together whilst us girls and my dad went around the shops. We went for a walk to the pub, walked around the river, spent the night under stars playing board games and getting merry. It was really nostalgic being away with my Dad and his wife camping and then to share and introduce that with Tom was just perfect.

We've also been to Dublin at the beginning of 2015 with a large number of our friends, we spent pretty much the whole time drunk in the bar of our hotel (we didn't even make it out) so I didn't get any pictures of that trip. We've been to other places around the West Midlands but don't have many pictures.

There are so many places we want to visit in 2016, we're currently looking at Spain for our summer holiday. I'd also like to Tom to Amsterdam as I loved it there when I went with my brother a few years ago. We have a list of places we're looking at going this year which is getting longer and longer by the day. First on our list is Liverpool. If you have any suggestions of where to visit, things to see, where to eat in Liverpool please let me know :)

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