Sunday, 10 January 2016


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I've been blogging for nearly six years now. Yep, this little blog has been around since May 2010!! I think it's no secret that me and this blog have had a little love/hate dislike relationship for a while now. There have been a few months where I've just gone MIA and towards Christmas and the end of last year, I spent some time debating deleting the whole blog or at least setting it to private. I felt like I just needed to start from scratch. I obviously didn't do it and being honest, I really couldn't bring myself to do it.

Tea an Toast is just so, well, me. It always has been, it's been somewhere where I blabber on about crap, moan, share my interests with others and it's enabled me to meet some truly wonderful people along the way. Granted, I don't really get to see anyone from the blogging community any more and I do feel very much an outsider. But that's my own fault and I'm still grateful for the opportunities that I've had over the past few years.

Instead of deleting my blog or hiding it from the world, I decided to go through previous posts and delete a couple of things. I removed posts that didn't have pictures and I removed the posts from when I was in college and sharing college work ect. It felt like a spring clean. 

I've been thinking long and hard about what content I used to write compared to what content I have been writing recently. The thing is, my blog used to do well and I was I think that over the past year or so I've fallen out of love with it because I was in a mindset of having to write about things that others were writing about and having to keep relevant. But that's not why I fell in love with blogging in the first place. I used to love the fact that I could create a voice for myself, that this little spot on the internet was mine to voice whatever it is I want. And I did just that. I would open my heart out on here and talk about things I was struggling with in real life and I would stack my camera on top books and boxes and stand in front of it to take photos of my new favourite outfits or the super cool earrings I'd brought.

It was from thinking of the reasons as to why I loved blogging that made me realise, I don't do any of those things any more. And that's not because I've now got a tripod and a super cool camera. It's because I wasn't putting myself into the blog, there isn't the emotion that there used to be or the love. One thing I was always proud of, is when close friends and family would say that when they read my blog they felt like it was just me talking to them. I don't think that has been the case with this blog for a long time now. It's from realising that, that I've realised the problem hasn't been with my blog or the fact that the blogging community is now so big, but it's because the blog lost me. Because I haven't been putting my emotion and heart into it, it's just not been the same to me. Therefore, I fell out of love with it.

In my last post I said how I wanted to blog more in 2016 and I've been thinking about this so much over the past few weeks. I look at what I've achieved with my blog and I'm proud. This baby has done me well, why the hell do I want to delete this? I couldn't press that delete button and I'm so glad that I didn't.

I'm obviously not that teenage girl anymore who sat at her laptop in 2010 and started Tea an Toast. I've grown up, my problems and my struggles are A LOT different to what they were back then. My interests are different as to what they were back then. Content has to change, content has to develop and grow along with me as I grow. I talk about work, mortgages, wanting babies, food shopping, boring but interesting stuff with friends. So why on earth am I still blogging about things that aren't relevant to 24 year old Sian?

Don't get me wrong, I do have an obsession with buying beauty products and most of my money is spent on Asos! But I need to put my personality back into this blog! I'm so excited for 2016 for so many reasons and knowing that I'm excited to start writing on Tea an Toast again makes for one very happy Sian.


  1. We said Sian :-) I can see a real shift with people that started the way you did realising the change and having this same conversation with themselves and now the blogging world. Glad you've decided to write about it and challenge the status quo of brand, PR, brand, PR controlled posts we are all seeing or bit-part personality in a something-or-other post.
    Getting back to what made you happy is super important and I wish you all the best for 2016!

    1. Thank you Raj. There seems to be a lot of us that are feeling like this at the moment and I think if you've been reading someone's blog for a while, you can sense when their blog has faded away from them a little.

      I hope you had a wonderful new year! x

  2. And I'm excited to read your new posts too! It can be hard to "keep up", but I love reading your blog to have a catch up with Sian, rather than any other reason. x Rebecca - <a href="“></a>

    1. Aww Rebecca thank you :D That's made me so chuft! I'm excited to get back into the full swing of things! Hope your doing well, would love to see you soon! We all need a big meet up again soon! xxx

  3. This makes me a happy Eshfish! So glad you're back into blogging again, I used to love reading your posts back in the day! You're a natural! x

    1. Thanks babes, being honest talking to you about it the other day really helped as well :) We should totally do something together in the future, like collaborate somehow? xxx

  4. Hope you had a lovely new year, I have already said my piece (!) but we will definitely have to have a proper catch-up soon!

    Maria xxx


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