Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I've had this Multi-Miracle Glow Cleanser, Mask& Balm for Baby-Soft Skin from Charlotte Tilbury since May last year. I'll be honest when I first used this product I wasn't impressed at all and I ended up putting it away in my drawer and not using it again until recently. To which I now have totally fallen in love with.

Charlotte says this product can be used as a cleanser, an overnight facial mask and a balm for dry areas on your body. Now when I first used it last year, I thought I would use it to remove my make up and to my disappointment it didn't work. It didn't do a good job of removing my mascara and I didn't walk away from that sink feeling like I had a squeaky clean face (unlike when I use my favourite Clinique take the day off cleansing balm). I then tried to use this as an overnight facial mask, and found it so irritating that I had to remove it and sleep without.

The texture is really similar to the Clinique Moisture surge moisturiser, it looks a like gel and has an almost silky feel to it. Unlike the Clinique Moisture surge moisturiser it doesn't sink into the skin quick, it sits on top of your skin so when I used this as an overnight facial my skin was sticking to the pillow and I was just getting product everywhere. My baby hairs were in my face, I felt like I had loads of dusty air things stuck to my face, it just was not an enjoyable, relaxing experience. So therefore, I would not recommend using this as an overnight face mask.
This product has been sat in my drawers, unloved in the dark sitting there all sad and lonely for ages so I thought I would try it again and see if it can change my opinion. It brought it's A game and boy oh boy did it win my heart.

Around half an hour before getting in the shower or bath, I rub this all over my face and neck as a deep moisture mask, leave it on for about half an hour and then wash it off with with a cloth. It has incredible vitamins and floral extracts in that work wonders on the skin, after washing this off my skin felt so soft and plump. I literally keep stroking my face afterwards I use this!

If you read up on this product you'll see how many incredible ingredients are in the Multi-Miracle Glow, such as organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Rose Hip Oil and Camellia Oil just to name a few. It also smells amazing, it has a real luxurious smell to it. It's not too overpowering but if you rub this onto your skin your skin will smell beautiful.
I have also used this as a rub on my arms just to see it can be used as body rub. I probably will use it on my elbows and ankles (areas that tend to get a little dry) but I would use this at night. As I mentioned above it doesn't really sink into the skin that quick so I wouldn't want to put this on in the morning as it will transfer onto my clothes.

After using this product my skin feels refreshed, moisturised and it definitely gives me a glow. I love using this as a moisture mask but as I said above, I wouldn't use it as a cleanser to remove make up or to leave it on overnight as a mask. It is on the pricey side at £45 but you do get a lot of product. I probably won't be re-purchasing this myself but if this is within your price range and you are looking for a high end moisture mask/cleanser (not to remove make up) then I do think you should give this a try.

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