Friday, 16 October 2015


Bobbi Brown Greige Eyeshadow Palette*
A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a Bobbi Brown Makeup Master Class at House of Fraser in Birmingham. We had the chance to see Bobbi's new A/W Collection, Greige (which is absolutely gorgeous!) and Bobbi Brown Pro Artist, Amy Conway did a demonstration for us using the new Greige eyeshadow palette.

She explained how an easy way to ensure that your make up look is glowing is to concentrate on hydration before hand. Which makes perfect sense, there isn't any point in piling that highlighter on if your skin underneath is dull and not looked after properly. Skincare is a one of many obsessions of mine so I totally agreed with everything she was saying on this!

Another tip that she shared was one I have never considered before. She explained how to achieve a real natural beautiful skin base by not using foundation all over the face or layering on heaps of make up to achieve that natural look (we've all had moments of trying to get that natural, no make - make up look and ended up caking more on than we need and failing at the whole no make up - make up look). Amy explained how by using different shades of concealer on the areas that need it, such as redness, spots, dark circles, will achieve a more natural skin base and then go in with bronzer lightly to warm up the face and add a light touch of blusher for a natural flush. I'll definitely be giving this tip a try.
Amy demonstrated on the model a beautiful, soft look using the new Greige palette. The palette is absolutely beautiful anyway so I think any look you do with this palette is going to be stunning. 

The demonstration was so inspiring and I definitely learned so much from Amy in such a short space of time. I could not wait to get home and have a play with this palette. The palette has all the shades you need for a day and evening look. You can go subtle and soft to dramatic and sparkly! I absolutely love it!

I went out on the evenings with friends and of course,  had to use my new palette. I've also just came from a week in Egypt and took this palette with me - I think it has became a fast favourite!

This is the first Bobbi Brown product I have tried and have since been and brought the Smokey Eye Mascara. I'm so eager to try more, any recommendations?


  1. You look stunning here, I really like the sound of Bobbi Brown I think I need to try some of their stuff out!

    Maria xxx

    1. Thank you lovely :) I brought the smokey eye mascara and I think it's easily my favourite mascara so far. It's makes my lashes so long and you can build it up for a more dramatic look or keep it simple for day. I'd recommend that one! xxx


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