Sunday, 19 July 2015


At the begging of the month Tom and I were lucky enough to stay in Cambridge for 2 nights courtesy of Travelodge! Neither of us had been to Cambridge before so was excited to see the sights! I would just like to say that I was not promised 2 nights stay in return for the positive feedback I'm about to give, these views are entirely my own and they're 100% honest!
We stayed in the New Market Road Travelodge which is about a 5-10 drive from Cambridge train station. The room was exactly what you'd expect for a Travelodge, it had the essentials like a TV, double bed (which was really comfy), a rail to hang your clothes, tea and coffee making facilities. The bathroom was spacious even though it was small, there was no bathtub but the walk in shower was actually the best one I've had when staying in a hotel, they're usually just a trickle but this one was super powerful! The room was very clean and we didn't find any fault at all!!

When we arrived we were told we could have a pick of which floor we wanted to stay on out of the ground and fourth floor. We opted for the fourth floor and was warned that that floor can get very hot! They weren't joking, as soon as you got out of the lift it was like stepping into a sauna! This wasn't that much of an issue for us though, they gave us a desk fan and we only really stayed in the room to sleep anyway, I mean we did stay during one of the hottest weekends!
On Saturday we walked around the centre of Cambridge, stopped in a few pubs, did some shopping (seriously so many shops in Cambridge!) and then in the late afternoon we went punting! This was highly recommended from friends and also online. We were REALLY disappointed which is such a shame! It was so busy and hectic it made for an unenjoyable experience. Upon arrival to where you actually get onto boats (if that's the right word/term) there were about 10 punting companies all competing to get their boats to bit where visitors step on. We were left waiting around for 20 minutes waiting whilst the punters argued and snapped at each other to get up front, there was even one girl in tears! Yep manic!

When we finally got on one, the river was busy and loud and our 'tour guide' was so quiet I have no idea what or where he showing us. The experience lasted around 40 minutes, we crashed into boats a few times and come the end I just wanted to get out and go back to the hotel. The sights were beautiful and these were pretty much the only photos that were decent from our weekend. 
We did have a lovely weekend despite the manic punting experience, I think if I was to return again it'd be for a shopping trip though because the shops were amazing however, I would go punting again as well, just on a less busier day! Thank you Travelodge for having us!

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  1. This sounds lovely, I really love Cambridge but haven't been since 2008!

    Maria xxx


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