Tuesday, 23 June 2015


It's safe to say that I am long overdue a hair cut. I wouldn't say I have a fear of going to the hairdressers but I certainly don't like it. The past 3 or 4 hair cuts that I have had have been a disaster to say the least. When I had long hair, a trip to the hairdressers was a breeze but a few years ago I took the plunge and hair it all cut off. HUGE mistake! I walked away looking like Tracy Turnblad. A crying Tracy Turnblad may I add.

It finally grew back and then last August I made the same mistake. I said to the hairdresser that I didn't want my layers cutting too short, so what did she do? cut them soooooo short and when I say short I mean they couldn't even go into a pony tail they were that short. It was a complete disaster. To make matters worse a few weeks later my hair frazzled when blow drying it. It was just a very traumatic moment, I know worse things happen at sea and it's only hair but ever since the horrific hair dryer incident my hair just hasn't been the same. I had to cut out the sections which were damaged and they haven't grown back properly. There are random sections in my hair which are super short because they just wont grow out.

It's in such bad condition at the moment that I'm going to have to take the plunge again and get it all cut off. It has to go short again, all the horrible ends need to go. I am obsessed with pinterest and I've been pinning all sorts of hair styles/cuts/colours that I would just LOVE to work on me. So I thought I would share them...

The Cut
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The Colour
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Until this evening my hair was a washed our red with bad roots, thanks to L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss it's now a chocolate caramel. I think I may do a review or some from of before and after post in the next few days.

This time around I'm definitely going to a new hair dressers, I refuse at the age of 24 to be crying over a horrible haircut! 

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  1. You would look so good with a long bob! Haircuts can be traumatic but luckily I have an amazing hairdresser who gets me and my hair, much less stressful!

    Maria xxx


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