Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I have wanted to do some form of a detox for some time now, I looked at doing a 3 day smoothie detox where you purely drink smoothies for three days straight but I love food too much to do that. I think I would miss having food in my mouth too much.

I've always been someone who eats quiet healthy anyway, I love vegetables and fruit, I used to do a lot of walking and working in retail previously definitely had it's moments of being more hard work than an hours session in the gym. 

However, for the past few months my skin had broken out and it was getting progressively worse, I felt a lot more drained and slugish than usual, I was getting bloated and uncomfortable after meals. I just didn't feel like my usual self and I knew I needed to get my arse into gear.

I first heard about Bootea when I was reading the lovely Becky's blog, a few of my friends had also tried the Bootea range and they recommended giving it a go. So that is exactly what I did.

The first thing I wanted to read up on was whether or not doing a teatox like this will have some form of laxative effect. I understand that detox's are meant to flush out all of the nasties and naughties from your body but I didn't want to wake up in the morning and be running for the bathroom or worse, sitting at work feeling like I could have a near death experience (I would die if something horrific such as crapping myself happened). I had actually watched a review on youtube and the lady who was reviewing it said that after the first night “be near a toilet the next morning”. I still went ahead and made my purchase.

I decided to go for the 14 day teatox to start off with as this is my first teatox and I wasn't sure if I would like it or if it would be something I would stick to.

I have done exactly 7 days so far and I've managed to fit the teatox into my routine perfectly. I have my morning tea when I get to work every day and then the night time tea you have every other night which I have thoroughly enjoyed drinking whilst tucked up in bed watching youtube.

So... the taste
At first I wasn't a huge fan of the morning tea and thought it would be something I was going to have to force down for the next 14 days but I actually really enjoy my morning tea now. In fact I look forward to it on the way to work (how sad?). The evening tea tastes even better than the morning tea, it tastes a lot like peppermint tea!

The effects

On the evenings where I have the night time tea I have noticed that when I wake up in the morning I feel really refreshed, I don't feel as drained as I was doing. Real talk now, I haven't felt like 'oh my god I need to RUN to the toilet' it definitely does have some effect in that department, it definitely regulates you a lot more. Is that enough poo talk now? yes I think so!

Again I haven't started this with the intention of loosing a lot of weight, I certainly was feeling more bulked out than usual but I can't say I've noticed any difference. I did weigh myself because I did want to see if the teatox has that sort of effect and in the first week I have lost a pound but I have also been eating healthily again.

My skin

My skin has got a lot better, it's cleared up really quickly and it's really noticeable. I'm still getting nasty spots that are really under the surface and are really swollen but the overall appearance of my skin has improved a great deal.

I am definitely going to be sticking to the full 14 days, I'm really enjoying drinking the tea, the taste grows on me everyday. I will be doing a full review after I've finished the teatox as I'm intrigued to see how I feel once I stop taking it. I've also added Skinnymint to my shopping list, my friend is currently trying them out and they smell so nice!


  1. So glad you've liked it! I do them whenever I feel like my digestive system or health has hit a low and it really helps :) Can't wait to read your Skinnymint review when you try that as a comparison

    Becky xx

  2. It seems wonderful! I have also been looking for such natural ways for the detoxification but I would prefer some homemade Green drink instead of tea or coffee. I wonder if you have some recipes for herbal drinks!!


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