Sunday, 19 April 2015


The nail varnish is actually a lot lighter than in the image.
When I first saw that Barry M had brought out a Speedy Quick Dry range I thought hallelujah the big man upstairs has answered all my prayers! The colour range in this collection is beautiful, perfect for spring/summer and with the sun recently making an appearance I couldn't resist.

I purchased this muted almost duck egg pastel purple (I may have just made that colour up) alongside Kiss Me Quick which is a pale pastel pink. I love the colour, it's beautiful but the next day after I painted my nails they chipped and started to peel off.

I did only do one coat though as the colour pay off is insanely good! I thought one layer is all I will need but I was wrong there. I was pleasantly surprised with how quick it dried, these products are usually a gimmick and I always regret falling for such promises. I think I only had to sit still not touching anything for around 5 minutes (which is good going for me, I'm usually there for about 15 minutes trying desperately not to touch anything... you can always guarantee there's an itch that appears right after applying nail polish).

At £3.99 how can you say no?

don't mind the horrendous fake tan hands

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