Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Jeans | Shirt | Bag | Shoes | Sleeveless Jacket
After a month of buying grown up things such as wallpaper my bank account cannot wait for payday! I'm literally counting down the days - 9 days!!! I'm nearly all settled at my Mom's house now, wallpaper is up, carpet is fitted and I have my clothes back.

I'm going through a little phase at the moment where I just want to change my whole wardrobe so I've spent a lot of time (wasting time) online shopping window shopping. As it's my birthday next month and I'm turning 24 I just feel like I want to dress a little more... grown up? I wouldn't say I currently dress like a child but I'm feeling like a change. It's either that or I shave my head again...

Monday, 2 March 2015


November! November was the last time I sat here and did a little post on my little blog. I mentioned in this post that my blog needed to take a back seat a few months ago and it literally has taken a back seat! I haven't even thought about my blog for a good few months if I'm being totally honest, real life went a little upside down a few months ago and is only just slowly returning back to normal.

As you may know I moved out in October and well, now I'm moving back home to my parents again. Yes it didn't work out well at all but these things happen, it's apart of life, we learn, we grow and we walk away being a stronger person. I won't get into why things didn't work out but I will say that I am happy and I'm slowly but surely returning to reality.

I'm in the process of decorating a room at my Mom's for me to 'move into' which is all very exciting. I'm spending most of my evenings looking online at wallpapers and carpets. The thrilling life of a 23 year old!!

I'm looking forward to getting back to normality and I want to get back into planning a few posts, writing posts ect. I've got a few ideas but I've decided (for now) not to have a schedule in place, I want to ease myself back into it. I don't want 'real life' to get that overwhelming where I just don't want to do what I enjoy – blogging!
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