Monday, 15 September 2014


Just yesterday I arrived back in England from an amazing week away to Tunisia with my family. I'm going to be honest, Tunisia was never somewhere I even thought of visiting, but after falling in love during my holiday I'm already longing to go back.
We stayed in a gorgeous hotel called the Dessole Riviera in Port El Kantaoui, a gorgeous location near the harbour. I wanted to share a few of the pictures I had taken whilst I was away - which I took rather a lot, so I'm splitting it up into two posts. The next post will be up on Tuesday so keep your eyes peeled.
The weather was perfect most days, very hot (too hot for me to sit in) however we did have a few showers of rain which was rather refreshing. Hence the dark skies in these pictures above. The four images above are from the harbour, which was a 20 minute walk from our resort. A truly beautiful place to visit, they have shops and restaurants all around - did get a little (little being a huge understatement)  annoying, as you couldn't actually walk past any shops without being bombarded by every waiter/shop keeper asking you to come inside "look in my shop, cheaper than Asda" I don't know how many times you can turn down a camel fridge magnet. 

At first you're polite, "no thank you, we've already eaten" but then after 9 or 10 shops of this constantly happening I got to a point of just wanting to say "just fuck off!!!!". It takes the fun out of an enjoyable stroll around the shops and I found myself not wanted to ever see another shop keeper again!
On our last day we went to Sousse, one of the bigger cities in Tunisia where they have a huge market, which is where these next lot of photos are from. Again a truly beautiful site, it's all along a giant city wall. We again though got bombarded by shop keepers trying to sell us their goods, we actually got to a point where we didn't even want to walk past and look at something because as soon you're caught looking at a pretty rug or an amazingly detailed garment you've had it. Someone is pouncing on you to buy and no matter how many times you say "no, I'm just looking. It's very beautiful" you physically have to run away from them.
More pictures from my holiday in Tunisia will be up on Tuesday. Have you ever been before? Where's your favourite place you've been on holiday?

With Love,
Sian xxx

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  1. This sounds amazing, I love how bright and colourful everything is!

    Maria xxx


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