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Being someone who is a little obsessed with organisation and everything having it's place I am forever swapping around the storage for my haircare and skincare items. I'm not 100% happy with how I've got everything stored at the moment, but I have a TINY room and I'm very limited with where I can put things. No matter how hard I try I think it looks a little messy and jumbled up but I have tried to section things off and keep an order to it.

I have this MALM chest of 6 drawers in white from Ikea. I love this chest of drawers, It's big enough to store A LOT of things in. I have all my make up, skincare, hair styling tools, fake tanning products, nail varnish, my clothes and pj's in this drawer. See it holds a lot!!

The first three drawers are what I'm going to show you today, as the others hold my underwear (which of course I won't show) my pj's and a few clothes. So here's where I store my things... 
In the first long drawer, so the third one. I keep all of my hair styling tools, nail varnish, samples of products I've got from events ect and my fake tanning products. I have these organiser boxes from Ikea that I am obsessed with! They're perfect at keeping things divided, organised and they look nice as well. I have one of the larger boxes which I keep my hair care products in, alongside some hair rollers and my hair dryer as well and my hair brushes. So once I've washed my hair everything I need to protect and care for my hair is in here. After it's dry my styling products such as salt spray and hair spray are in a different set of drawers.
My curling wand and my straighteners are placed in the area in front as you can see. I want to find somewhere a little more pleasing on the eye for my styling tools, I might try and see if I can get a nice big sized box and keep them out. Still working progress.

On the other side of the drawer I keep my Nail Varnish's in an old Glossybox box, and nail polish remover alongside some samples that I'm still yet to try out which I keep in the Charlotte Tilbury box. I also have a few moisturisers out which are easy to just get out before going to bed or after I've got out the shower. I love this Umberto Giannini Box, I think it's so pretty! In here I keep all of my fake tanning products as you can see below.
Now onto the top left hand side drawer, so the first drawer. This is where I keep all of my make up...

Again I use the organiser boxes I mentioned previously from Ikea to divide all of my Make Up products. I have divided them into areas you would use the products. So I have face/base products which is the top left hand side, on the top right hand side I have my eye products so all my eye shadows, mascara and eyeliners. And then on the bottom left hand side I keep all of my lip products. The bottom right hand side I have a box of cotton buds cause you never know when them eyes will get messy! I also keep eyelashes and tweezers in a little bag just tucked away in there as well.
Now onto my skincare drawer, this is the drawer I am most unhappy with! I haven't found a way of storing my skincare that I feel is easy and works yet. So this is definitely work in progress. Prepare yourself for mess...
Okay... so in here I again use the organisers from Ikea. I have in the bottom left hand side a little section for tablets and medicine type of things. I just find it really handy to have. I keep all of my perfume and deodorant in the bottom right hand side as you can see as well as a tub of multi vitamins (random).
In the big box at the top I have all my skincare just shoved in there. I really don't like it like this, I have to dig around to find my smaller pots of things and it's just so messy. I think I might go back to ikea and get smaller organisers so I can keep my cleansers separate from my moisturisers ect. I also have down the side some sunscreen and a box of nose strips.
This area on top is where things can get a little bit messy! I again am trying to find things that work for me and this is forever changing. I keep all my make up brushes in these gorgeous Cath Kidston Mugs and well you can just see the other random stuff I have on here...

Do you have any storage tips you can share?  I LOVE looking at other peoples storage and make up collections so leave links if you have done a post similar :)

With Love,

Sian xxx


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