Monday, 12 May 2014


Pink Grapefruit Body Butter c/o The Body Shop
I'm someone who fake tan's pretty much everyday, so keeping my skin moisturised is vital to achieving a natural looking tan. I've naturally got quite dry skin anyway and of course using fake tan doesn't really help - oh the price we women pay to looking like a bronzed goddess!
Recently I've been using this body butter from The Body Shop and I'm really liking it. This product comes from the Pink Grapefruit range they have and let me tell you this, it smells heavenly! Literally so delicious I just want to eat it (please don't do that anyone!)
I first started using it after I'd got out the shower in the morning but found it too heavy, it's a little bit greasy and takes a little while to really 'sink' into the skin. So now I'm using it on the evenings before getting into bed which works so much better. It rubs in really easily and only leaves a slight greasy feeling in certain areas, like the backs of your knees and the bit where your arm bends (other side of your elbow, what is that bit called?). As I mentioned it smells delicious, it's not an overpowering smell but it is strongly scented of grapefruit - duh?
When I wake up in the morning my skin feels so soft and it's really helped the appearance of my tan (although the image above I look paler, damn natural light changing). I only ever used to moisturise once I'd got out the shower and but I'm finding since using this product on the evening aswell I don't have to apply my fake tan as much, it's lasting a lot longer. I also really like the fact that the scent of my fake tan and this body butter don't 'fight'. Usually a scented moisturiser mixes horribly with my fake tan and can smell a little unpleasant, but that doesn't happen with this product at all.

Over all I would rate this a 8/10. Its a great Body Butter and the smell is gorgeous - I want to go and try out all the other fragrances now! It's a great price aswell at just £13, you get a 200ml tub and a little of this goes a long way - so a total bargain really!


  1. I loooove The Body Shop's body butters, they all smell amazing!! I never pay full price for them though haha :)

    Jess xo

  2. I love these Body Shop butters, I love the mango one in the summer *swoon*

    Maria xxx


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