Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Naturally, I am a ghost. Yes I'm Casper! I'm so unbelievably pale and no offence to those who can pull it off... I just can't! I envy the likes of Lily Cole and Scarlett Johansson who have that beautiful English rose skin. I feel so much more confident and comfortable when I've got my fake tan on... That's really shallow of me I guess but if it makes me feel more confident then I should embrace it right? Well I do anyway.

I have naturally quite dry skin so the sugars in the fake tan don't do my skin good (so I've been told). If I don't look after my skin before and after applying fake tan it can go very patchy and doesn't last that long at all. In other words, I can look a total mess! So I thought I would share the products I use to help my skin when I'm pretending to be a golden goddess...
To start off with I always exfoliate. Applying fake tan to skin that hasn't been prepped properly can result in you being mistaken for a reptile... Not hot! I haven't found a body scrub that I feel really works for me yet and they can be a little rough so I like to use an exfoliating mit. It's a lot easier to exfoliate gently on the areas that are a little sensitive. I usually just use my mit with whatever shower gel I've got knocking about.

If I know I don't have time after my shower to wait for moisturiser to dry/sink in, then I'll use this in shower body moisturiser by Nivea. It's amazing, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and doesn't leave any residue once you've got out the shower. If I've used this in the shower then I will skip the next step completely.

I use the Avon Care Cocoa Butter moisturiser after I've came out the shower as it sinks in really quick and smells heavenly! I'll usually try and put my tan on in the evening, so it has all night to develop properly. 
I use the Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter (which I have wrote a review on here) once I've had my tan on for the day and washed off the guide colour on the evening. So Cocoa Butter moisturiser in the morning and The Body Shop Body Butter on the evening. I've found that keeping my skin moisturised has been the best way of making sure my tan lasts longer.
The fake tan product I keep coming back to is this St. Moriz mouse. It's dead cheap and no matter what other fake tan products I've tried this one just beats the rest in my opinion (although I haven't used them all so...) I've tried the fake bake spray on but I found that didn't last as long and I didn't like the colour on myself. I do however find one bottle of this St. Moriz can last a while. I use it about 2 to 3 times a week, all over my body and a bottle can last around 4 weeks. So with £2.99 a bottle I think I have myself a top bargain there!

Do you have any other fake tan recommendations?

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  1. So glad I stumbled on this - I tan pretty well but I've had so much work inside I need a pick me up for the next week or so! Definitely following this entire guide - especially the bargain tan! Thanks!


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