Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Image c/o Ed James Group
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to a complimentary manicure at the Laurent Perrier Chamagne and Nail Bar located in the Club and Spa, in the Cube. A glass of bubbly and the chance to have my nails done? How could I refuse!
Image c/o Ed James Group
I had never been to The Cube before and I had no idea a gem like this was hidden in there, if you're ever around Birmingham I highly recommend taking a break to enjoy a good pamper here! When we arrived we were given a tour of the Club and Spa, there is a fully equipped gym, many beautifully relaxing treatment rooms, a pool, an amazing relaxation area with hanging pods (so cool trust me) and of course the nail bar. All beautifully decorated and so relaxing right from the moment your little toes enter.

Image c/o Ed James Group
After our tour around the Club and Spa it was time to sit down, enjoy a glass bubbly and get our nails done. It's a very rare treat for me to get my nails done, I used to get them done all the time when I was around 17/18 but since then I've only had them done once. I'd been thinking about what colour I wanted to have them painted all day and knew I wanted to go for something a little bit different. If you take a look at my nail varnish collection it's all pinks, neutrals and dark purples with glitters in there of course. I knew I wanted a colour I'd never worn before and after seeing the colour on Laurie's nails knew I wanted an off white colour. 
Image c/o Ed James Group
I've never thought about wearing a white nail paint before, I was always scared they'd look a little tip ex-y or would make my pasty white hands appear transparent. None of that happened at all, I went for a just off white colour (don't have the name of the colour used boo!) and I loved it!! It didn't leave me looking like I'd got carried away with tip ex and it complimented my fake tan perfectly. I also had my nails squared off (is that the right terminology?) which I had never tried before, I usually go for a round finish but loved the squared look! 

Whenever I paint my nails they always last around 2 days max before they chip a little and need redoing. I was so impressed with how long this manicure lasted, It was around a week before any chips happened and even then it was a little longer before I could get away with not taking the paint off. So when I next get them done I know it's money well spent, not just for the wonderful experience but for the long lasting manicure aswell.
Image from The Club and Spa Twitter account.

Image  from Sunny's Twitter account.
Overall I loved the whole experience of this evening. The staff were absolutely wonderful, so friendly and knew their stuff! The atmosphere in the Club and Spa was so relaxing and chilled, I felt like I needed to take a nap before heading home! I definitely want to come back again and try out some of the massage treatments aswell as get my nails done.


  1. Aw, this looks like a great place - I'd never have known about it either!

    1. If you're looking for somewhere for the best of both worlds, shopping trip, night out and nice relaxation I can't recommend checking this place out enough!! It was AMAZING!! x


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