Sunday, 30 March 2014


I will start off by saying this blog post is a personal one, It's especially for my gorgeous Mommybear! Happy Mothers Day Momma, We all say it about our Mom's but to Greg and I, Your the BEST Mom in the world and we love you up the sky and back again! p.s I hope you don't mind the old pictures. No embarrassing ones I promise!

Thank you poppabear for the pictures!
"There are times when only a Mother's love

Can understand our tears,
Can soothe our disappoints
And calm all of our fears. 
There are times when only a Mother's love
Can share the joy we feel
When something we've dreamed about
Quite suddenly is real. 
There are times when only a Mother's faith
Can help us on life's way
And inspire in us the confidence
We need from day to day. 
For a Mother's heart and a Mother's faith
And a Mother's steadfast love
Were fashioned by the Angels
And sent from God above."
The source for this poem.

Your smile so bright,
Your tummy your so flat,
Yeah sorry for changing that,
And the curls in your hair so tight! 
I suppose as a child you don't really realise that your parents once had lives before you came along, I've never realised you'd been to the places you have. Looking at how you used to be before Greg and I was even a thought in your mind has been a real eye opener. As your daughter it was beautiful to see these old pictures, in every picture you shone through, especially your smile. It made me so proud. I've only ever known you as a mother, but these pictures show your so much more than that. Your still so beautiful and you still have that gorgeous big smile.
So that was you then, before Greg and I came into the world. You looked like you were enjoying life, you were glowing, gorgeous, slim ;) and sooo glamorous. And then out popped one bundle of joy and then a year later another, well not so much bundle of joy as he was a miserable baby but you've loved us from the very moment you knew we existed and you've filled our lives with so much love and a tonne of laughter!
I know your world must of changed once having me and Greg, and I thank you for giving us so much love, and allowing things to change so can we fit in and for giving us the best childhood and still giving us so much love now we're adults. Our childhood was the best kind, playing the seed game where me and Greg would be little seeds and you'd get your "watering can" and go "water, water, water" and we'd turn into beautiful flowers and then all of sudden the wind would come "swuishhh, swoooosh" and we'd wobble around like flowers blowing in the wind. And then the weed killer would come out and we'd slowly dye into dried up flowers. God so much fun! We had lots of days out and constant affection and although the years to come after that may had been a little different to other kids, there's not a single thing I would change. Your determination and your strength is something I admire, you were always such a strong person. You wouldn't stand for any kind of shit and to us you were wonder women.

I look at you and I see a women that I hope to be like one day (I really do mean that) I see someone who has done her best to give her children everything possible, who was so strong to get through the things you have and still sit there with a smile on your face. Your human and humans make mistakes, and they're the things that make you who you are today. I look at who you are today and I see someone who makes me proud, even now we're all grown up you still fill our lives with so much love. You may have gone a little crazy, I mean have you heard the songs you sing to the cats? But to us, your the best Mom ever!! We've not been wrapped up in cotton wool, and as I said some of our childhood wasn't the same as others but what you don't realise is the amount of things you've taught Greg and I. To me you've taught me that the world can be a tough place to be in at times and everyone goes through things, and that no matter how hard things can be or how low things can get you CAN get through it and sit back with a smile on your face. I don't think you realise that in these times you've taught me so much, I might not be the strongest but I hope one day I'll be as brave and determined as you! You are everything to Me and Greg, your our best friend and your silly songs, stupid nicknames and hilarious dances are just a fraction of things that we love about you. You've given us so much love, so much support and put smiles on our faces day in and day out and THAT is what makes you THE BEST MOM EVER!!

Happy Mothers Day Mommabear,
Love you up the sky and back again.
From Sian and Greg xx


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