Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Last Saturday my Mom and I had the pleasure of going to a Beauty Master Class held by Illamasqua at Selfridges in Birmingham. It was an intimate masterclass, with only 4 of us watching the make over take place. We got the chance to watch what the consultant was doing on the model as he talked through every step, every product, giving us tips on what brushes to use and how to apply certain products. 

The first product that was used to prep the skin was the Hydra Veil and on top of that to create a natural finish with good coverage was the Skin Base Foundation. Then he moved onto the eyebrows, to which the model was telling us is her favourite part. He spoke about how important it is to do your eyebrows, something my Mom had never even thought of doing on herself before and had often commented on "how silly it is to pencil in your brows" but after seeing how much of a difference it makes and having her brows filled in afterwards she's now a fan! The consultant used the Eyebrow Cake in the shade motto (I think) and they both couldn't say greater things about it. The model was telling us how she doesn't use anything else and how she's had her pot for 2 years and isn't even near touching pan. A few highlights were done to the browbone with a powder but I can't remember what the product was. Then we moved onto the eyes, the model already had some MAC false eyelashes on, which looked stunning! The eyeshadow quad that was used was the gorgeous complement pallet. He went through each step of how to create a gorgeous easy smokey eye look with this pallet and then lined the eyes with the Precision Gel Eyeliner and showed us some easy steps to creating a perfect line. Next was a little mascara on the top and bottom lashes and then moved back to fixing any fall out and a swish of Pressed Powder to finish the skin. The consultant then moved on to contouring and blusher. He went through some easy steps on how to make Cream Blusher less scary to work with and what else you can use cream blush for. A product I've found daunting to use. I can't remember the shade name for the blusher that he used but I think it was either Laid or Seduce. Soon after all that was done it was time for the lips - My favourite part! I am a lipstick kinda girl - Some like eyes, some like brows, Me I like lipstick! He used the Lipstick in the shade Box a gorgeous red with purple undertones. I thought at first it'd be a bit clashy with the purple on he eyes but it went together beautifully.

The look was absolutely beautiful. I think for someone who's a newbie to make up can look rather hard to create, but the masterclass was so informative it made the look easy to achieve. We had time afterwards to ask any of our own beauty questions and the model as well as the consultant gave advice.

It was such a great event, really chilled out, really educational and a lot of fun! My Mom had a few of her own beauty related questions, which the consultant shown on her how to do them and I think I speak on behalf of my Mom here, it all really helped. Of course a few purchases were made (thanks momma) and I can't wait to show you the looks I create with my new goodies!

With Love,

Sian x

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