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Everytime I get an email come through inviting me to one of the Umberto Giannini blogger events I know it's going to be a good one! I am yet to be disappointed - and I don't think I ever will be.

Rebuild strengthening damage hair shampoo *, Recover nourishing damage repair Conditioner *, Therapy Intensive damage repair 5 in 1 hair oil *, Rehab salon smooth damage repair protein spray *

This time around was to try out their new MEND treatment - a new treatment to go alongside their new salon only Mend My Hair range (which is also available in boots stores). The MEND treatment starts off with the Therapy oil, which is massaged through the hair to penetrate the hair shaft and start working on everyday damage such as heat and hair colouring. The hair is then wrapped in a hot towel and you're left to relax with a detox tea - which tasted gorgeous. The oil is then left in for 10 minutes and washed out afterwards with the Rebuild Strengthening Shampoo and conditioned with the Recover Nourishing Conditioner then you'll also receive a 10 minute relaxing pressure point head massage, which is where I nearly fell asleep!! Your hair will then be prepared for styling with the Rehab Protein Spray and again the Therapy Oil. The treatment is then finished with a blow dry and style of your choice. This treatment was incredibly relaxing and I came out feeling like I'd been to spa, for the next 2 days my hair felt incredible afterwards! It felt really healthy and bouncy.

This treatment is available in ALL Umberto Giannini Salons for just £15 until 31st March 2014, You'll also receive a complimentary bottle of the Therapy Hair Oil. - I can't express how amazing it was, you just HAVE to try it out!!

The lovely team at Umberto Giannini sent me the Mend My Hair range to try out at home. As soon as I received it I had to give it a go, It felt amazing in the salon and I was intrigued to see how good it would feel at home.
Rebuild strengthening damage hair shampoo - This was the product I was most surprised by. It smells gorgeous, it has that distinctive Umberto Giannini scent (which I love) and it felt incredible when washing my hair. When I was rubbing this product into my hair I was really shocked at how nourished my hair was feeling straight away, the product itself felt like shampoo but my hair felt like it had conditioner on it. Even after washing the shampoo out my hair felt so nourished, it didn't feel dry or stripped back like I find other shampoos do.Recover nourishing damage repair Conditioner - This smelt exactly the same as the shampoo and didn't feel any different to the shampoo either, just a thicker, creamier consistency. When massaging this through my hair, my hair felt the same as the shampoo did - really nourished, really soft and already really healthy. My ends are always dry and when I get out the shower they can look a little bit like broken bits of straw (yuk) especially if I let my hair dry naturally. I towel dried my hair a little and waited about 20 minutes for my hair to semi dry. My ends looked so healthy, they didn't look dry in the slightest! 

I'm so impressed with this shampoo and conditioner! They smell gorgeous and left my hair feeling and looking so healthy. 
Therapy Intensive damage repair  5 in 1 hair oil - I used this once my hair was semi dry. It smells exactly the same as the shampoo and conditioner does and a little goes a long way with this product. I used 2 pumps and when running it through my hair realised even that was too much.
Rehab salon smooth damage repair protein spray - I used this just before blow drying my hair as it has heat protection in it. I find with a lot of other products I've used with heat protection in they can feel a little cakey and sticky on the hair once dry, but this one didn't. I just sparingly sprayed this through my hair and blow dry'd. 

I'm really surprised at how great my hair looks and feels after one use of these products not to mention how great it smells. I also can't tell you enough how great the MEND Treatment was, for just £15 you'll walk away feeling so relaxed and your hair will love you for it!

The Mend My Hair range is available in all Umberto Giannini Salons and Boots stores. Can't urge you enough to try it out, thank you Umberto Giannini for inviting me to have this incredible treatment and for sending me these products!

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  1. These sound awesome, my hair is is need of some TLC so these would be perfect!

    Maria xxx


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