Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Since moving back to my Mom's house it's been a little hard to be creative. All my craft supplies, sewing machines, fabrics ect are all in boxes in the dining room awaiting for me to move back out again (whenever that may be).
The other day I found a pair of "jeggings" (hate that word) that I brought from Primark ages ago but never wear so I thought seeming as I wanted a pair of ripped jeans I'd get my DIY on and make my own. I'm pretty impressed with how they turned out, took me a while to do but there was something very therapeutic about making these rips. Originally I thought this would make a great DIY post but there are a tonne of youtube tutorials on how to do this.

After doing it to this pair of jeans I started looking around my room for other things to rip and had to force myself not to get carried away on the whole ripping and distressing.

Have you ever up-cycled any old clothes before? What did you do?

With Love,

Sian x

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  1. Ahh this looks awesome, I am rubbish at DIYs so wouldn't dare attempt this!

    Maria xxx


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