Friday, 14 February 2014


We all have those moments of looking at a celebrity or a model in a magazine and and think "oh wow I love what she's wearing!" Well I have those moments every time I look at Fearne Cotton! God damn is she one heck of a trendy wendy!

Source for all these images: Pinterest
I have loved Fearne ever since a young teen watching her on CITV and Top of the Pops (remember those days?). This lady knows how to dress, she's got such a cool, rebellious look to her but I love that she plays on that and pairs androgynous styles with feminine shapes and textures. She's a lady that seems to pull anything off!

"Something I currently love wearing is a good pair of slacks - ankle skimmers - with a soft mohair jumper with a pair of black flat boots. It's a masculine shape but it's still cute with the jumper." Fearne said in an interview for

Whenever I'm looking for a bit of style inspiration Fearne is someone I always look at. She's someone who knows her fashion trends very well and this shows in her collections that she designs for which screams out Fearne's style perfectly - Quirky, pretty, androgynous and playful.

Two looks inspired by Fearne's style...

Who do you look for when looking for fashion inspiration?

Happy Valentines Day ;)

With Love,
Sian x


  1. It's those legs! Those lovely bandy legs! Saw Nick Grimshaw walking through Soho in the summer boom haha x x


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