Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I have stood back and drooled for long enough! I think it's about time I jumped in two feet first and just give in to temptation!

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images
YES I WANT TO DYE MY HAIR PASTEL PINK! Well maybe not the whole lot, just a tint here and there. I have admired those who have had the guts to do it, stood back and thought "oh god I wish I had the confidence to do that" but I think the time may have come!

A few weeks ago I stripped the red out of my hair, it didn't exactly go back to my natural colour but it went lighter and I really like it, it's made me want to go even lighter! I've always wanted to try going blonde but I've been worried about the damage it will do to my hair, obviously I've bleached it to ombre it and it did a fair bit of damage so it has put me off slightly. I think it's just about caring for it properly and using the right products. Since having my hair cut shorter it's been in great condition, so I don't really want to damage it when it's so good at the moment.

I am really on the fence with this, I've brought a dye that will lighten my colour a few stages so I think I'll see how that goes and then get a temporary lilac or pink! It's just hair right? I can dye it back to brown if I don't like it...

Ooohh the excitement!

With Love,

Sian x


  1. Omg that'll look amazing! Make sure you send me a picture when you do it!! x

    1. I'm still in the hmm do I? Don't I?
      I seem to be getting everyone telling me to do it and then one person says don't and I'm like aahh okay I wont :( xxx

  2. Pink hair would look awesome on you but your hair IS super pretty at the moment too, I can't decide!

    Maria xxx

  3. You should definitely go for it, it will look amazing on you, you can pull off anything!


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