Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Apparently, according to Wikipedia Compulsive Buying Disorder is an actual thing. Who knew eh? I literally cannot stop buying beauty products at the moment, someone please - I need my friends & family to all join together and do a How I met your mother style intervention! -joking obviously!

For someone who's currently seeking employment, this is naughty! But I don't know what's wrong with me, I can't stop. I will however say, in my defence, it's not like I'm out there buying high end products all the time. It is all stuff on offer or just a straight up bargain! All the Avon products below literally cost me £16 - YES ALL OF THEM!! And the L'oreal was on offer too so y'know, it's not that naughty of me! So shhh - I'm allowed a treat!

These above are the latest additions to my fast growing make up collection! I picked up the Miss Manga mascara back in December (maybe the beginning of January) when it was on offer because of it's new release, I picked it up for £5.99 - BARGAIN!! The L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer I got for half price when I was repurchasing my favourite L'oreal True Match Foundation another bargain, see I am good really!

My best friend has just started working with Avon being a representative so it was a little hard to flick through the brochure and not want to buy anything! A lot of the products were on offer or in the sale which I picked up which is why it all worked out so cheap!

Avon Glimmerstick in Blackest Black
Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds in Sugar Plum
I didn't actually order the Glimmerstick in Blackest Black my best friend gave it me for free as she's got so many black eyeliners. I'm actually really disapointed in it, it's so dry and even when you run the pencil over the top of your hand it takes a few layers to really get the products "working". But on the other hand the Sugar Plum eyeliner is amazing! It's such a beautfiul plum colour with sparkle in it, it looks absolutely amazing on the eyes. It's not as dark as I would of liked it to of been but when you build it up it looks stunning.

Avon eyeshadow brush with smudger
Avon eyeliner brush

This is the smudger part at the bottom of the eye shadow brush, I haven't actually used the smudger yet but it feels like it would work perfectly with a Kohl pencil. The eyeliner brush I originally brought to use as an eyebrow angled brush but it's far too soft so I've been using it with eyeshadow to create soft winged liners and it's beautiful. The handle of the brushes are curved perfectly and they're so comfortable to hold - God I sound like such a geek!

I did actually buy a Kabuki Brush aswell from Avon but I forgot to include it in the pictures. I'm really disappointed with it. The actual hairs are really stiff, they're not soft so it's a little too rough on my skin. I feel that whenever I brush over my foundation with a powder rather than lightly dusting I feel like it's just moving product around my skin. It's one I would not recommend purchasing.

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Crushed Orchid

I tend to always stick to wearing the same eyeshadow colours but recently I've been wanting to switch it up a little and use different colours - step out of my comfort zone. I brought this beautiful purple duo in the hope to do just this. I've only used it twice and I haven't really done much with it, I just made a winged liner with the darker purple but it did look good. I haven't really tried anything else with this product so I can't give much feedback on it yet. I will say that the darker purple is really true to colour, it's super pigmented and comes out beautifully. The lighter shade I'm slightly disappointed in, it's not super pigmented it takes a lot of building up in order to get the actual colour and look visible.

L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer
L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara

I'd read a lot of hype about the Lumi Magique primer so when I was buying my True Match Foundation and had "buy a second half price" I picked it up. It comes out a beautiful white pearl colour and when blended in the skin it leaves your skin looking plump and glowing. A very glamourous looking glow if you catch my drift. I've only used my True Match Foundation over the top of this and it didn't really look that great, I felt the foundation sat ontop of my skin and didn't look like it had blended in as great as it usually does. I want to try this primer underneath a BB cream, maybe it'll work slightly better but so far I'm impressed with it on it's own, but underneath foundation I'm not impressed.

The Miss Manga Mascara I'm a little bit on the fence with. I've read a lot of mixed reviews on this mascara, Some people LOVE it and some people erm... not so much. I love how it makes my bottom lashes look, after using this they look super long and they separate beautifully. I naturally have long lashes anyway so I tend to look for volume and thickening mascara rather than lengthening. To use this product on it's own on my top lashes I'm not 100% impressed, I've found it does clump the top lashes together  a little and it doesn't make them look thick, just a really long! See my Instagram Picture here. I do like the fact it's got a bendy wand, I don't feel like I have less control which is something some people said they didn't like. Overall I've just been using this on my bottom lashes and then another mascara for my top.

Avon Care Cocoa Butter Body Moisturiser
L'oreal Skin Perfection face Moisturiser
L'oreal Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur
The Avon Moisturiser was a total bargain, I brought a 400 ml bottle for £2.50 and believe me when I say it smells DIVINE!! It smells so darn yummy! I put it on after my shower on the evening and in the morning the next day my skin still smells super divine! It's not an over powering smell it's rather subtle but I do get little whiffs of it every now and again. This products leaves my skin feeling super soft, I use fake tan nearly everyday so my skin can get quite dry and patchy, I've only been using this for like a week but I'm already seeing a visible difference in my dry patches already. 

I seem to be a little bit obsessed with L'oreal at the moment right? I've just been reading some great things about their products at the moment, they seem to be smashing it with their products at the moment!

I brought this Skin perfection magic touch instant blur after watching how much Nicole Guerriero rave about it so much. I've never really noticed my pores before, but recently they seem to of gotten rather big and noticeable. So I've brought this in the hope that they'll help them little bad boys out a little. After putting it on you can see a visible difference but once you cleanse and you don't have any make up and you're bare faced again they're just back to being really big again so long term I'm not sure this is working but I have only been using it for a week or so.

Have you got any recommendations of any beauty/skin care products I should try out? I want to invest in the biggest collection EVERRRR! haha okay maybe not that big!

With Love,

Sian x


  1. Haha, I think I suffer from Compulsive Buying Disorder too. Except for me it's clothes! In the last month I've bought boots and underwear that I can't afford! I've seen so much I want to buy and I bet when I get a job I will not like anything! At least you have a job now so you can treat yourself as much as you like ;) xxx

    1. I've had to drag myself away from going into clothes shops I know what you mean! but remember you DO NEED underwear, and when living in England you NEED boots too :p

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