Monday, 9 December 2013


After going to the Umberto Giannini event the other day and seeing how easy it is to create so many different hairstyles with the Backcomb in a bottle I've been trying to mix my hair styles up a little instead of sticking to my normal, which is usually curl a little with straighteners or pop it up in a bun.

The image on the left is what I had created for me at the Umberto Giannini event, and the image on the right is my attempt at recreating this look but a little more toned down. It's such an easy look to create and Backcomb in a bottle is just the thing that makes this look so easy to do! I'm trying really hard not to wash my hair so often as it's gone rather dry, so I need to put them natural oils back into my hair. This sort of look is great for hiding that unwashed hair - All you have to do is sleek back your hair into a ponytail, use Backcomb in a bottle to prepare the hair, then using your fingers or a comb, backcomb the ponytail and wrap the hair around into a bun shape like this. Once you're happy with the positioning of your hair, grip it into place and wallah! You have a messy up-do that's perfect for any occasion.

I have to wear my hair up for work and one thing I was really struggling with was coming up with ways to mix it up a little without sticking to one hairstyle. I love wearing my hair on the side, I think it's a really pretty look and I think it suits me quite well (I hope that didn't come across big headed) So the other day I went for a messy fishtail braid on the side and I got so many compliments on how pretty it was. YAY ME!

This is yet another really easy look to achieve. I simply prepped my hair with Backcomb in a bottle, sprayed the roots and the ends and then backcombed my roots with a comb and using my fingers loosely teased my ends. I then swept it all onto the side and braided my hair into a fishtail. It's so easy to do a fishtail braid, there are tonnes of videos on youtube on how to do them. I pulled the braid out a little and rubbed my fingers up it to make it look loose and messy and then I lightly pulled at the front bits as well to make some strands of hair fall forward.

On Friday this shocking thing on the right happened. It was amazing... I sneezed and all my hair where I'd previously shaved a few months ago, fell back out again leaving me with a bold patch again. oops! Obviously not! 

I had been wanting to shave my hair off again for a while now, I absolutely loved it but had been growing it out for a while. Friday I had another moment of madness and just went ahead and did it again. Yes it's bloody cold and oh god does my scalp now feel the breeze and yes my parents both hate it! But I don't regret it and I love it :)

Have you ever been brave and did something drastic to your hair? Whats your favourite hairstyle to do?

With Love,

Sian x

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