Friday, 27 December 2013


Is it just me or did Christmas just fly by? The lead up to it seemed to of gone on for ever, but that’s what you get for working in retail, but Christmas day went so fast! And now it’s all over. Boo! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and not that much of a bad hangover on Boxing day. Now Christmas is done with, we've got the New Year to look forward to.

A few people have asked me already if I have a New Year's Resolution and to be honest I've never really got the New Year’s Resolution thing. I haven’t even given it a go before, I guess I just haven’t seen the point in it - say you’ll stop smoking for the New Year and then by day 4 you’re standing in the rain puffing on a fag. I haven’t heard any stories of success from friends and family to be honest but for some reason I do really want to give it a go this year. I think the idea is not to set the bar too high, make it something actually achievable. So for example if you’re a smoker and you want to stop smoking in 2014, then rather than ban yourself completely as of January 1st, just say to yourself you’ll only have 4 a day instead of 8 and slowly ease yourself off, every month reduce the number of cigarettes you’ll have a day and then bobs your uncle, by December 2014 you’ll be off them completely! Hopefully.

My New Year’s Resolution was going to be something about going to the gym and getting fit, but I tried that this year, I went to the gym religiously for a few weeks and then didn't go again after that. So I've decided it’ll be to think more positively about myself and make myself feel good. I want to start off with the small stuff like trying to fit in some pamper time once a week, a nice soak in the bath with hair and face masks on and do my nails. And then work my way into exercising and looking at myself in a more positive way instead of thinking right that girl is fit and she has red hair, let’s dye my hair! I should be looking at myself and thinking my smile is pretty, my hair is beautiful, my ass if fucking GREAT!! Not looking at all the flaws therefore making myself feel horrible. 

I do think a lot of it is down to what I eat, I don’t mean as in what I eat is making me fat, I mean I eat so many fatty/stodgy foods that of course I’m going to feel bloated and all the grease in the foods are obviously going to make my skin bad. So my diet is another thing I would like to address, instead of ordering a take away try and make something healthy and quick to eat, change snacking on crisps and biscuits to a nice apple or some pineapple chunks. I'm so positive it'll make me feel a lot better about myself if I just cut out all the crap that's going into my body.

2013 is a year I cannot wait to put behind me. One I want to forget about completely! So to go into the New Year with a fresh start is so refreshing. Knowing I’m working on getting things better is a great feeling and with fingers crossed by this time next year I want to feel 100% confidence in myself and be proud.

With Love,
Sian x

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  1. Learning to love yourself is hard to do but totally worth it! Hope you have a lovely new year!

    Maria xxx


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