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I am absolutely obsessed with these Leopard print boots from New Look at the moment!! They're a bold statement for me as pretty much all of the boots I own are black. I brought these when sitting on a sun lounger in Spain (thank god for free wifi and the ASOS app) and was a little worried they would be too "out there" for me. 

New Look - Leapard Print Boots


I have had an electronic facial cleansing brush on my wishlist for about a year now. I've heard really good things about them but I couldn't justify spending over £100 on one. I've been saving up my Boots points all year trying to get enough points to purchase a Magnitone one.

I saw this video by Sharon Ferrell the other day and she was talking about the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa System. I hadn't heard of this brand before and hadn't seen much about them. I read some reviews, watched some more videos and they seemed to have some really good reviews.


I don't really remember being into Halloween that much when I was younger. I remember going to a Halloween party that a neighbour threw, but I don't remember being overly bothered by it - my parents might disagree but I just don't remember it being a big deal in my house. My dad would decorate the porch each year and I remember having trick or treaters come to the door. Seeing what people were dressing up as was exciting.