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The other week Tom and I went to Akamba Garden Centre in Shirley, Solihull. Neither of us had been before but I've heard some good things about the evening entertainment they do. We went thinking it would be somewhere nice to walk around on a Saturday afternoon whilst it was sunny but we didn't expect it to be so, epic.

It was about a 20 minute drive from my house and I can't believe I had never been before or heard more bout it.

It's an African/Caribbean themed garden centre which stocks loads of exotic plants and garden sculptures. You'll see from the photos I took, it was walking through a little jungle.


A couple of weeks ago Tom and I went on a short camping trip to Penkridge. The campsite we went to was at Pillaton Hall Farm and it was a truly beautiful campsite. It has four fishing pools and we chose a pitch which looked over one of the bigger pools, perfect for Tom to spend his days fishing.

We got there on a Thursday and stayed until the Sunday. The Thursday we got there the weather was beautiful, it was so hot and sunny! After putting the tent up and setting up all the 'furniture' Tom did some fishing and I did a BBQ. The rest of the weekend was dull and rainy but that didn't ruin our weekend though, Tom still fished and I still sat under the umbrella next to him reading and taking pictures.


The past couple of weeks I've been pretty lazy with my skincare routine and my skin is most certainly angry at me for it. I've always been prone to an angry spot or two, but for the past two months I've had the angriest of spots ever imaginable. The ones that nestle themselves right in there, wouldn't dare peep out in a head but shine so bright they let everyone know it's there.

I actually had one so bad on the side of my chin that my cheek actually swelled up - no joke! I've now got a swollen septum on my nose because one has decided to set up shop there for a bit. I've also got a cold, so sneezing and blowing my nose is agony at the minute. Feeling sorry for myself much?

Because of this, I've really knuckled down and I'm sticking to a routine that I really like at the minute so I thought I'd share it.