A lot has happened since my last post in October. So far November has been a really busy month for me. The biggest thing that happened this month is that I have started a new job. Very exciting but also very sad - sad because I had to leave a brilliant team behind but I'm seriously so excited by my new job!

I mentioned it before but I was very unhappy in my old job, it wasn't just making me unhappy at work but it was effecting me outside of work and I was getting very run down by it. So I'm very excited for a fresh start, to learn loads of new things and meet new people.

Overall, I'm feeling very positive at the moment, I have a lot more time at home with my new job - the hours mean I am home before 5 and don't have to work weekends! BUZZING!!!

I've had a sociable start to November, I actually went "out out" for the first two weekends - one weekend with an evening "out out" is rare for me so two NEVER happens! This weekend needs to be a quiet one.

I'm planning on doing Blogmas this year! I know, it'll be really challenging I'm sure but as a flakey blogger I want to give it my all. I've got a list of blog ideas already so I just need to get my arse into gear and start planning them and taking some photos in preparation. I think because I've suddenly got all this time to myself now I'm more motivated to give it a go and get back into what I love doing - writing this little blog.

So far November is going great, I'm very excited about my future and I've got a very positive mindset! Lets hope it continues to stay this way :)


This month’s Glossybox was a beautiful one and the theme is Unicorn vs Mermaid (you can the same items in each box – it’s just the box that deffers). I had the Mermaid box and the box itself is really cute!

I actually cancelled my subscription last month, well I thought I had cancelled it. After ending up having to email them it turns out the cancellation never went through, despite them telling me they can’t find an account with either of my email addresses. It was really annoying and I found the whole process very frustrating! I cancelled my subscription because I didn’t think the box was worth it anymore. They’ll bring out a really good box (like the one this month) maybe once every 3 or 4 months. The months in between are a little rubbish and I even end up with duplicate products because they send me the same product to try more than once. At the moment, it’s just not worth it.

I have a few Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes and they’re really good value for money. One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes is the Iconic 3 palette. I was pretty excited when I saw the Makeup Revolution Mermaid Vs Unicorns palette in the box, it’s not one I would usually go for but some of the colours are really beautiful. The two light blues (second and third from the left) swatched identical to each other (why have them both in there?) and the blues are all very similar. Similar but beautiful. The darker tones didn’t swatch as well as the lighter colours, they’re chalky and you’ll definitely get some fallout from the blue shade third in from the right. I haven’t tried to use any of these eyeshadows on my eyes yet however.

Also in the box was a Sleek Makeup Crème to Powder Blusher in the shade French Rose, Kawaii Enterprise Blush Cleaning Egg (I’ve received a smaller version of this in another box before), Lord & Berry Magic Brow Perfect Eye Brow Pencil and a Bang Beauty Cream Colour in Dolce Pink which you can use on your lips, eyes and cheeks.


This weekend Tom and I spent an evening in Bath. We had both booked a long weekend off work and wanted to get away somewhere so we decided on Saturday morning that we would spend our Sunday evening in Bath. Both hungover and really tired, we took a 2-hour drive from Birmingham to Bath.

I’ve been to Bath twice before, once with college and once to check out the university. Both times not really exploring the city too much.  Tom on the other hand had never been before.

Funny story - As we were entering Bath Tom said "imagine if we see the Michalak's" within 10 minutes of us watching their latest video and leaving the hotel to see what is around us we saw them!! We embarrassingly just froze, kinda star struck and smiled at Hannah cringely as she looked over at the two wierdo's starring at them! Ground, swallow me up.

(This is a picture heavy post)

Where we stayed:

We stayed at the Abbey Hotel which is a minute walk from the Pulteney Bridge. We were upgraded to a superior double room for free (GET IN! First time that’s ever happened!) which was really modern and artsy. It also had an amazing bath that I couldn't help but flaunt all over my social media.

The hotel is in a great location, its right in the middle of everything and is surrounded by bars and restaurants. I didn't think it was too expensive either, we paid £99 for the night - defo wouldn't have got that bath in a Travel Lodge.

Check out this light in the ladies toilets?! Swanky or what?
Where we ate:

Sunday evening, we went to the Herd Steak Restaurant. We had been given some money from a family friend as a gift so wanted to go somewhere nice for our treat, it really was delicious. If you’re a steak lover like me, I highly recommend. If you’re going on a busy night (Friday or Saturday) then I’d recommend booking, there is only around 10 tables I think, it was very intimate and I can imagine on a Friday and Saturday night it being difficult to get a table.

For breakfast on Monday morning we took a quick walk to Blue Quails Deli. I had avocado and smoked salmon on toast and a cup of the best Latte I have ever had!! It was really really nice! The gentleman working that morning was really nice (I think he was the owner) he had a little joke and chat with us. Another place I would recommend if you’re stopping for a coffee and a bite to eat.

We stopped off at Wild Café for a quick tea break which also resulted in me falling in love with the décor!

What we saw:

We spent most of Monday morning wondering around the Roman Baths. The entry fee was a little pricey - £15.50 each I think it was. It was an interesting visit and the baths were fascinating to see but I just felt like we it was over and done in a couple of hours. Let’s be honest, there is so much warm water you can see.

We had to cut our afternoon short due to parking. Parking was the only bad point to our visit. The maximum you could pay for in the nearest car park to our hotel was for 12 hours so we needed to head back before getting a fine.

We both really wanted to visit Alexandra Park before heading home. After an unsuccessful attempt of walking there (google maps sending us to another park each time), we drove up the steep hills to see the most incredible views. I don't even have the words to describe how beautiful these views were!!